Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy
Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy
Teresa Perleberg

Welcome to Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy

Crafting Confidence, One Sculpture at a Time!

About Me

My journey into the world of wool commenced when my daughter and I discovered the joy of knitting, with wool yarn quickly becoming our favorite material to work with. Intrigued by the idea of transforming raw wool into yarn through spinning, we decided to invest in a small flock of Romney sheep. Shortly after acquiring the sheep, I was introduced to the art of needle felting for the first time. With a brief tutorial and a felting needle from a friend, my needle felting journey began.

Over the years, I've honed my skills and discovered incredible techniques and shortcuts that enhance the joy of needle felting. Expanding my flock to over 300 sheep, I focused on breeding for exceptional wool ideal for needle felting.

As I started selling my needle-felted sculptures online, inquiries poured in about the techniques behind my creations and whether I offered classes. Responding to this interest, I began teaching local classes and eventually developed needle felting kits, allowing others to embrace this delightful craft. Since my online debut in 2008, I'm thrilled to have assisted over 20,000 individuals in learning the art of needle felting through my kits.

As the popularity of my kits soared, participants sought more advanced classes for creating intricate sculptures. Many expressed difficulty finding like-minded individuals in their local communities who shared their passion for needle felting. It was from these conversations that the concept of the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy took root.

Why should I join?

If you've ever found yourself in the midst of a needle felting project, brimming with excitement from your purchased kits, yet faced the disappointment of not achieving the desired results – you're not alone.

Many passionate crafters like yourself encounter common issues that hinder the joy of needle felting.Β 

Discover the Transformational Power of the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy Β 

"I'm Not Getting the Results I Want"Β 

  • Β Learn expert techniques to turn frustration into felting triumphs.Β 

  • Get one-on-one support to elevate your skills and achieve stunning results.Β 

Β "I cant get Proportions Right on My Sculptures"Β 

  • Our video courses guide you through achieving perfect proportions effortlessly.Β 

  • Β Engage with Teresa and fellow members for valuable feedback on your projects.Β 

Β "Adding More Detail Seems Daunting"Β 

  • Explore advanced techniques to infuse personality and intricacy into your creations.Β 

  • Our fail-proof methods ensure you can add intricate details with ease.Β 

Β "I Want to Get Everything Right from the Start"Β 

  • Beginners Welcome: Start your journey with confidence using the right materials, supplies, and techniques.Β 

  • Benefit from Teresa Perleberg's expertise, ensuring a strong foundation from day one.

"I Feel Like I Completely Failed"

  • Transform Failure into Success: Our supportive community and expert guidance ensure you rise above challenges.Β 

  • It's never too late to turn a failed attempt into a masterpiece with our techniques.